This is (initially at least), the story of my preparations for the Flora London Marathon in April 06. I ran i last year, raising money for charity - and may have to do so again this year - but my goal this year is to run below 3hrs 15 minutes, which will get me automatic entry for the next two years - here's hoping!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Not sure how this got missed?

This should be before the Dewsbury post, and it was here yesterday!

Back again!
Blimey - seems like ages since I posted anything. After Brass Monkey (still chuffed with that - and also that I won 'most improved runner' at our club's 2005 awards evening), I ran with the club on the Tuesday night (24th Jan). Steady recovery run of just over 6 miles.Then went off skiing for 5 days to Chamonix - not the best conditions, being windy and unbelievably warm. Anyway, having come home late Sunday night, i should really have run Monday, but put it off as I needed to see the kids, then was away Tuesday night. Wanted to see the kids again Wednesday (see a pattern?) then was late home Thursday.Karen made me run last night, so I ran what felt like quite a hard 4 miles in just over 29mins, then I went out again just to make sure I felt ok. Did 6 miles with BAR very slowly, but in fact it was just over 8min mile pace. Got a 10k tomorrow, so not sure how I'll do there - but we're going o warm up and warm down to make sure we get a decent mileage in.Then it's back to building the miles...Garmin stats: Club run: 6.39miles in 55:53mins, average pace 8:44, average HR 125bpm (55% WHR!!). Last night: 4 miles in 29:13, average pace 7:18min miles, average HR 148bpm (71% WHR). Today: 6.03m in 48:34, average pace 8.03min miles, average HR 142bpm (67% WHR).


Blogger Castaway said...

Coming across sites like your's reinforces how small our planet is... I'm here in Upstate New York with similiar (though less ambitious) goals. I look forward to follwoing you on your quest toward a 3:15.

My Runner's Feet

11:21 PM

Blogger C A D said...

Hi Andy
Long time no speak. See you're doing alright and had a nice holiday! Me..? I'm alright. Needed some down time (long story not enough time). Anyway. 14 miles for me yesterday! Bit of a crap time but 3 weeks out with a broken toe, so I'm happy with what I did. Lochaber is looking achievable at least!


Hi Castaway!

9:30 AM

Blogger andy from embsay said...

Hey cath! Glad you're back! I'm a full time runner for the next three months - handed in my notice today, and they've sent me on three month's gardening leave - so running, biking and no work till may!

9:05 PM


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