This is (initially at least), the story of my preparations for the Flora London Marathon in April 06. I ran i last year, raising money for charity - and may have to do so again this year - but my goal this year is to run below 3hrs 15 minutes, which will get me automatic entry for the next two years - here's hoping!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Bit of a lumpy one in Edinburgh last night. Was away with work, and am off beer (actually make that cutting down - see late) so instead of the usual 'get to hotel, chack in, meet in the bar for a pint' I decided to go for a run. All the luddites who pooh-pooh Gamins and Memory Map etc - take heed:

Planned aroute in MM, downloaded to garmin then had a great run round a city I don't know without having to constantly stop and mess about with street maps etc. For those that know Edinburgh I ran down from Grassmarket (nice hotel - Apex International), then round the wibbly wobbly road round Arthur's Seat, turned back on myself to go round the loch, down to Craigmillar Castle then pretty much followed the A7 back into town. Profile above - the big pointy bit is Arthur's Seat.

The we went out for a nice Italian (Tuscany?), where I resisted the temptation to drink beer, but when we came down it was tipping it down, so we darted into a pub. Ended up joiningin a bizarre pub quiz MS'd by a somewhat eccentric American girl, competing for the prize of £13.

Anyway - felt obliged to have a beer, so just had 3 pints and went home feeling quite virtuous.

Back home today on Virgin sodding railways - thank the Lord they didn't give them the East Coast line - crap food, crap service and unapologetically late.

Garmin stats: 10.05 miles in 1:21:14, average pace 8:05min mile, average HR 148bpm (71% WHR)


Blogger TPL said...

Hello! Tsk, tsk . . broken the no alcohol rule already! I hope this won't affect a finish time of 3.10 for the FLM!!

9:05 PM

Blogger andy from embsay said...

nah - extra carbs - no more till skiing. Needed it after nearly 5 hours on a train getting up there.

BAR probably doing Balckpool.

11:01 PM


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