This is (initially at least), the story of my preparations for the Flora London Marathon in April 06. I ran i last year, raising money for charity - and may have to do so again this year - but my goal this year is to run below 3hrs 15 minutes, which will get me automatic entry for the next two years - here's hoping!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another one - longer and slower...

A tad fatigued now, after my longest LSR to date. Same route as the last long one, over into Wharfedale then down the valley towards Ilkley. Adde half a mile on before the turn, which got me to a couple of seconds short of an hour and a quarter. Didn't manage the negative split, but given the terrain this is hardly surprising. Anyway - check this out - it's called Motion Based, and is some softwar that enables you to upload your Garmin track and get more analysis than Garmin's own software, and (I'm soooo excited!!) downloads your route into Google Earth. Now I know I've got Memory Map, so have an aerial photo of the Dales, but this is fab!!

Interesting that Motion Based gives a total of feet of ascent - according to that this run involves 2,400' - hence why I'm not surprised about the lack of negative split:

Anyway - how did it go - 19 miles, which I'm really pleased with, as it didn't start to feel tough till just short of 17 miles, and the pace was just under 8 min miles, which, looking back to last year's Garmin numbers is about 40 seconds a mile quicker than I was doing those sort of distances last time. Got 3 weeks off long ones now (although might try and fit a 15 miler in somewhere), then a coupld of weeks where I'd like to get a couple more 18/20m in, before skiing trip #2 - and after than it's big miles every week until taper time...

Garmin stats: 19 miles in 2:30:54, average pace 7:56min miles, average HR 142bpm, 67% of WHR.


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